I develop desktop apps/softwares. Businesses and organisations might need it for example to replace unmaintainable Excel systems or to fit a particular need such as a tailor-made accounting software to get cool reports


I got the chance to develop multiple management systems: e-learning, exams, inventory ... If you want to quickly spin a website to help you, drop me a word! I normally deliver relatively fast. We also use websites the Odoo style for desktops.


What do i do?

I am an independent software developer in Mauritius (GMT+4). I work for my own account. I like to help people solve their challenges using softwares ^^. I am also an organising member of the Python Usergroup of Mauritius (PyMUG)

My primary language is ... Python

Besides English, i speak
  • French
  • Arabic

I have experience in remote/long-distance work.

Our Mission

Along with you ~

I make it a point to develop easy to use products. I can say many of our customers complimented the way we built our interface. Softwares can save you a lot of pain, yes mail me: arj.python at to have a chat!

We also invest heavily in programming education, hoping for a brighter future

In The News

What people say about Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer @osdotsystem?


What is there on the menu?

Python Developement

Since our language of choice is Python, we offer development services from scripts to libraries and everything in between

Web Development

Your back-end need to integrate and combine complicated schemes? You are at the right pot!

Desktop Development

Submerged by files or manual setups? A dedicated software can help you be more productive


Helping you with cloud infrastructures and realtime data

Web Scraping

You need to organise a wide hunt or just automation, we can put your scraping job on auto-pilot

Data Science & Machine Learning

Helping you with huge amounts of data and applying the proper ML algorithm including NLP

Mail me: arj.python at!!! or find me on

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Fun Facts

Some cool info about @osdotsystem

July 2019
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July 2019
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"How To Build A CSS Pre-processor From Scratch" got featured on

July 2019
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"How To Build A CSS Pre-processor From Scratch" got featured in Awesome Python newsletter issue 165

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Pure Python implementation of's processing ( got listed on

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Post on ppython got trending status on LinkedIn!

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PyLadies thanking for Arabic translations.

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Jan 2020 Shared Blog Post shared blog post about "Legally Free Python Books"

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"Legally Free Python Books" got featured in Awesome Python newsletter issue 192

Feb 2020

Feb 2020
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"The Zen Of Python Is A Joke And Here Is Why" added as a resource for understanding the Zen of Python

Feb 2020
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PythonBytes (same folks as tells: "Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer: The Zen Of Python Is A Joke And Here Is Why is a must read."

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"Migrate PyQt5 app to PySide2" is published

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FlaskCon becomes an approved PSF trademark

May 2020
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"Creating Custom Widgets in PyQt5" is published

Jun 2020
FlaskCon close up
After months of preparation, the event is finally over with lots of good talks! Lots of awesome speakers and fantastic response from the community outlets like RealPython, PythonWeekly etc

Jul 2020
Euro Python Talk
My talk "Django Clone From Scratch" got delivered at EuroPython

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My article "The Zen of Python: As related by Master" got published on hackernoon.

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The article "Python: Running Makefiles on Windows" got recommended.