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Database Performance At Scale, An Excellent Book

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Read Database Performance At Scale, a free book by ScyllaDB folks. It offers great insights into … performance. At some point, you yearn for performance boosts, this is where this book is helpful.

I’m glad I covered distributed systems before this one, as sharding and data made more sense. Knowing libSQL and SQLite internals also helped a lot like knowing the particulars of log-based replication. Drivers and data structures and algorithms behind DB internals were a great read for me. It’s also interesting to see the techniques mentioned here being implemented in libSQL like getting the data closer and user-defined functions. I knew operating system internals but not specifically Linux, had to google a few concepts. Nice point about containerization is not for free as os-specific optimizations might get wasted. It also covers monitoring and benchmarking.

Glad it has a practical touch to it, helps people dealing with dbs much as it has ready-to-implement items. A delight for system design folks as well as any curious individual.

Thanks, Piotr Sarna, Felipe Cardeneti Mendes, Pavel Emelyanov, and Cynthia Dunlop for producing such a treat for database people. I can imagine the work that went into this one. Even me, with a great share of the book’s info in my pocket, I learned a whole lot.