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Luminotes: Read by engineers at Google, Amazon, Apple, IBM, ...

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

When I started Luminotes in March 2023, I intended it to be a collection of random interesting technical content. Now it has a combined audience of around 1.3k on LinkedIn and Substack. It grew from a personal blog to an engineering newsletter read by interesting profiles.

Some weeks ago I was looking at subscribers and I was amazed to see engineers working at different prominent companies subscribed to it. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM, Dell, Nokia, Siemens, VMware … as well as great Mauritian-based ones. There is also a readership amongst academia, including professors and doctors.

So, wherever you are, if you publish interesting pieces, it’s sure to attract the right audience. I have no secret, just a curiosity to explore how awesome pieces of software work under the hood. It’s always fun to see what human ingenuity can cook up.

And yes, exploring hashtag#opensource systems also renders a community service by empowering more people to take collective ownership of codebases.

I am planning to cover the software side of robotic systems, you can subscribe on: substack: linkedin: