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Toptal Is NOT Interested About Python, Even Less About Mauritius

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

There’s a company called Toptal that has been hiring remote Python engineers. It’s only reference to Python is: “You must have 3+ years of full-time Python experience—preference given to candidates who have experience working for enterprise companies.”

Now, that sounds fishy for a Python description. No area or framework listed, nothing. You can expect any random full time scripter to show up.

The application link also is generic, meaning the receiving end has no means of knowing you are applying from where and for what tech. That is not a problem for specialised companies as they know people applying out of the blue must be in line with their technologies.

The ad is just a random reminder that you can apply as remote freelancer at Toptal. Sometimes i agree that better watch StackOverflow’s ads if you are in for something real.