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The Alfa Coding Podcast

Devs from Amazon, Pypy, CPython, bright topics and popular figures


What do i do?

I am an independent software developer in Mauritius (GMT+4). I work for my own account. I like to help people solve their challenges using softwares ^^. I am also an organising member of the Python Usergroup of Mauritius (PyMUG)

My primary language is ... Python

Besides English, i speak
  • French
  • Arabic

I have experience in remote/long-distance work.

Our Mission

Along with you ~

I make it a point to develop easy to use products. Softwares can save you a lot of pain, yes mail me: arj.python at to have a chat! We also invest heavily in programming education, hoping for a brighter future.

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What do people say? (source)

James Luo
Software Engineer, Facebook

β€œ I worked with Abdur at Metabob and when he came in he was able to lead our team in terms of having a proper system design to documentation. He was able to make the engineering team more productive than it was before. If you are looking for an engineer who is strong technically he is the one that can do it. His experience with open source is one of the biggest plus he has bought to the team. ”

Shamsuddin Rehmani
Software Development Engineer, Amazon

β€œ I worked with Abdur-Rahmaan's on one of his many open source software project, Shopyo. As this was my first time contributing to open source, I was not very confident in my skills. However, Abdur-Rahmaan was very patient and helped with the process of project setup and contribution. Looking back since my first open source contribution, I couldn't have asked for a better mentor than Abdur-Rahmaan. As I worked more with him, I learned that he has a vast knowledge not only of software engineering but also possess excellent communication and leadership skills. His attention to details, clear guidance, pursuit of best industry practices, and past experience and success in managing a team of engineers makes him a great leader and asset to any team.

As if this was not enough, he also possess the gift of being artistic and creative, with the ability to make software not only functional but also marketable with design skills that he pursues as a hobby.

His work in both professional and open source setting speaks itself but this recommendation is just a token of appreciation on behalf of countless engineers whom he has helped improve and break into the open source community. I wish him the best in his future endeavors and I am excited to see where his work takes him. ”

Javed Mahamoodally
ServiceNow Developer | MRes Applied Mathematics

β€œ I have worked with Abdur-Rahmaan on different programming assignments in C++ and data science projects in Python. His exceptional understanding of coding paradigms, ability to grasp high-level material quickly and his outstanding communication skills make him a great lad to work with. I have benefited extensive from his deep understanding of pandas, NumPy and SciPy libraries of Python on my work in Artificial Neural Network. He would be a great fit any organisation or team ”

Gico Carlo Evangelista
Software Engineer at Outward Inc.

β€œ I have worked with Abdur-Rahmaan on one of his Open Source Python projects on GitHub. He has helped mentored me in not only understanding the project thoroughly, but has also taught me the basics of contributing to an open source repository. He is very helpful when it comes to answering questions to both experienced developers and newcomers who are interested in learning about open source. Abdur-Rahmaan is a great mentor who I recommend working with. ”

Justin Triplett
Software Engineer and Consultant at Caledonia Systems

β€œ Working with Abdur-Rahmaan has been a really great experience. He did so much to make sure Flaskcon was a great success. He organized the teams of volunteers and stepped up to fill roles and provide advise wherever and whenever needed. I love working on a project knowing someone else is as dedicated to it's success as I am and I look forward to working with him again soon.Working with Abdur-Rahmaan has been a really great experience. He did so much to make sure Flaskcon was a great success. He organized the teams of volunteers and stepped up to fill roles and provide advise wherever and whenever needed. I love working on a project knowing someone else is as dedicated to it's success as I am and I look forward to working with him again soon. ”

Nathan Heron - Morris
Junior Software Engineer at Dream Agility

β€œ Abdur-Rahmaan and his open source project has helped me not only with confidence in my coding skills but, also helped me think about the effects of explaining and documenting my contributions so others can understand what I have contributed. Abdur-Rahmaan has also been willing to answer any questions I may of had without judgement and provided me with some education in design principles. From the confidence Abdur-Rahmaan has helped me with. I have managed to land my first role as a software engineer with a great company that is solving problems with Artificial intelligence. So I would just like to say thank you. ”

Zahur Meerun
Full Stack Software Development Student/First officer at Air Mauritius

β€œ I have known Abdur-Rahman for over 2 years since I started my coding journey. At that time he provided me with advice on how to navigate such a career. Recently he assigned me a project which involved the integration of several modules using an Open Source Framework whereby I reported directly to himself.

I cannot speak highly enough of his programming ability and vision in tackling technical issues. He was always available for meetings to address hiccups that I had during the project. The experience I have had working with him has been extremely pleasant and beneficial for me and would recommend him for any projects you might have. ”

Girish Mahabir
System & Security Engineer at OceanDBA

β€œ Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer was a blessing to have worked with. With his simple guides and helps, I successfully did my first opensource contribution. Being in the Python Mauritius Community with him, I got to learn a lot from him and still learning. ”

Angelo Giacco
Computer Science Student at Imperial College London

β€œ Abdur-Rahmaan is a great mentor. He is very patient when onboarding new members into open source projects and his communication skills are second to known. His vast experience is clear through the effective advice that he gives. He is very good at managing teams and I consider him an expert in all things Python. I hope to work more with him in the future! ”

Hans Maulloo
Software Developer at SWAN Mauritius

β€œ I had the pleasure of working with Abdur-Rahmaan for the FlaskCon 2020. He was a great team player, well organized and very consistent when it came to managing the event. We had organising members from different corners of the world and Abdur made sure remote meetups were organised on a regular basis and would always follow the agenda. Even when facing technical difficulties, he was always ready to help out. I'd gladly work with Abdur on any related project :) ”

Chukwudi Nwachukwu
Software Architect

β€œ Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer came off to me as someone who is well organised and gets job done. He does his best in all things and I adore him for that. I highly recommend him because I have worked together with him and his attention to detail was excellent. Well done Abdur-Rahmaan. ”

Paulo Ferraz
Linux Security Analyst at Banrisul S/A Bank

β€œ Abdur is the founder of an IRC python GitHub project that I started collaborating on. I was impressed with your skills! He is the creator of several python initiatives like organizations and code projects. Always adopting the latest technologies and still mastering 3 languages ​​too! Despite this, he still manages to be an extremely compassionate person, always encouraging and supporting newbies like me. Thank you my friend! Success always! ”

Sandeep Chatterjee
MSc, Distributed Computing

β€œ Amazing polymath... a good teacher, addictive author and cool coder. His articles are always full of well done research, and there is always something new to learn from it , no matter how experienced you are with the technology. Scholar of Arabic, as well as well versed in English. Good teacher of Python, and artistically skilled in vector logo design. Really proud to be his old friend.Amazing polymath... a good teacher, addictive author and cool coder. His articles are always full of well done research, and there is always something new to learn from it , no matter how experienced you are with the technology. Scholar of Arabic, as well as well versed in English. Good teacher of Python, and artistically skilled in vector logo design. Really proud to be his old friend. ”


Meetups & Confs

Flet: Flutter in Python [slides]

PyMug Meetup April 2023

SQLite Internals: How The World's Most Used Database Works [slides]

Google DevFest 2022

How To OpenSource [slides]

DevCon MU 2022

Python Bytecode or How Python Operates [slides]

DevCon MU 2022

Fast Flask Dev For Big Codebases [slides]

DevCon MU 2022

Python's Bytecode [slides]

Pymug Oct Meetup 2022

Creative Coding with Python [slides]

Python New Zealand Oct 2022

Regex In Depth [slides]

Pymug Sept Meetup 2022

Advanced Flask: Recipes For An All-weather Craft [video] [slides]

PyCon Sweden 2021

Shopyo: Your Mega Machine For Flask [video]

PyCon South Africa 2021

Shopyo: Your Mega Machine For Flask [video]

Conf 42 Python 2021

OpenSource: The What N Why [video] [slides]

OSCA Mauritius Meetup Aug 2021

Spoonfeeding Sockets [video] [slides]

Pymug Meetup April 2021

Django Clone From Scratch With Flask [video]

EuroPython 2020

Python - The Joyful Parts [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Iter Boosts From The Std Lib [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Decorating Your Code [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Where is Python used? [slides]

Python Sprint, UoM

Honeybot - Diving Into An IRC Bot [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Become A True Faker [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Deriving Async Io [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Weekly Workshop - Python From Scratch [slides]

Pymug Workshop

Standard Library Essentials [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Scrapy Code Base Reflections [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Shopyo: Flasquer Flask [slides]

France: AFPy monthly conf

Canvas Theory With PyGame [slides]

Pymug Meetup

Workshop: Flask Round The World [repo]

Pymug Meetup

Key To Django And Flask [repo]

Pymug Meetup

The CPython Translation Protocol [repo]

Pymug Meetup

Workshop: Requests [repo]

Pymug Meetup

Machine Learning Overview [slides]

University of Mauritius - Ai Workshop 2019

Workshop: Numpy Pandas [repo]

University of Mauritius - Ai Workshop 2019


Articles & More

01. Python Engineering Articles 02. The Zen Of Python Is A Joke And Here Is Why 03. The Zen Of Python: The Most In-Depth Article Ever Written 04. Using Python Functions As Classes 05. Python Generators: The In-Depth Article You Always Wanted 06. The Most Complete List Of Legally Free Python Books On The Internet 07. Python: Running Makefile On Windows Using Git Mingw Bash 08. How To Change Your Github Contribution Graph Colour To Something Cool 09. Creating Custom Widgets In Pyqt5 10. Migrate Pyqt5 App To Pyside2 11. Using Anaconda On Sublime Text (Without Installing Any Package) 12. Requests: What You Need To Build Useful Apps 13. A Treatment Of Deque In Python 14. Flask 1 - Planning 15. Flask 2 - Start With A Loaded Skeleton 16. Flask 3 - Routes 17. Flask 4 - Focus On Responses 18. Flask 5 - A Dip Into Templates Logic 19. Metabob, A Github Tool For Your Python Repos 20. How To Run A Flask Linux-Only App On Windows 21. Building A Color Picker In Pygame Using Hooman 22. How To Build A Css Pre-Processor (Like Sass) From Scratch 23. An Advanced Flask App: Shopyo 24. Packaging An Sqlite Db-Included Crud Pyqt5 App Using Pyinstaller 25. Get Python’S Help() Function Stored As String Just Like Console 26. Plotting Hotspots In Mauritius With Python And Folium 27. Machine Learning Crash Course 1: Introduction 28. Machine Learning Crash Course 2: Supervised Learning 29. Machine Learning Crash Course 3: Regression 30. Machine Learning Crash Course 4: Gradient Descent And Cost Function 31. Machine Learning Crash Course 5: Mixed Method 32. Machine Learning Crash Course 6: Enthropy And Gain 33. Machine Learning Crash Course 7: Random Forests 34. Machine Learning Crash Course 8: Support Vector Machines 35. Machine Learning Crash Course 9: Neural Networks 36. Machine Learning Crash Course 10: Naive Bayes 37. Machine Learning Crash Course 11: Unsupervised Learning 38. Machine Learning Crash Course 12: Association Analysis 39. Reviving Bertrand Russell Through Python 40. How To Build A Lexer In Python 41. How To Build An Indentation Lexer In Python 42. How To Correctly Use The Next Parameter In Login And Logout In Flask 43. How To Use Flask-Admin With Flask-Login 44. How To Disable Csrf Protection For Particular Routes In Flask-Wtf 45. How To Define Global Template Variables In Flask 46. How To Prevent The Open Redirect Vulnerability With The Next Parameter In Flask 47. How To Implement Beautiful Notifications In Flask

Fun Facts

Some small wins . article views 58k article views 46k
Pypi downloads 125k

July 2019
Discussion on the idea i proposed

July 2019

Article Featured On!
How To Build A CSS Pre-processor From Scratch" got featured on

July 2019

Article Featured In Awesome Python
"How To Build A CSS Pre-processor From Scratch" got featured in Awesome Python newsletter issue 165

Aug 2019

Project Listed On
Pure Python implementation of's processing ( got listed on

Sept 2019

Post Got Trending Status For #python On LinkedIn
Post on ppython got trending status on LinkedIn!

Dec 2019

PyLadies thanking for Arabic translations.

Jan 2020

Thanks under "Code and Documentation Contributors" in User Guide.

Jan 2020 Shared Blog Post shared blog post about "Legally Free Python Books"

Jan 2020

Article Featured In Awesome Python
"Legally Free Python Books" got featured in Awesome Python newsletter issue 192

Feb 2020

Open Source Project Featured In Python Weekly got featured in Python Weekly newsletter issue 436

Feb 2020

Article Added In Awesome Zen Repo
"The Zen Of Python Is A Joke And Here Is Why" added as a resource for understanding the Zen of Python

Feb 2020

Podcast Calls Article A Must Read
PythonBytes (same folks as tells: "Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer: The Zen Of Python Is A Joke And Here Is Why is a must read."

Feb 2020

Article published on
"Migrate PyQt5 app to PySide2" is published

Mar 2020

Article Featured In Weekly Digest On
Article gets 2nd top post of the wee

Mar 2020

Post Got Trending Status For #python On LinkedIn
Post on "Grasping Both Flask And Django In One Session" got trending status on LinkedIn!

Apr 2020

Authored the FlaskCon initiative
FlaskCon becomes an approved PSF trademark

May 2020

Article published on
"Creating Custom Widgets in PyQt5" is published

Jun 2020

FlaskCon close up
After months of preparation, the event is finally over with lots of good talks! Lots of awesome speakers and fantastic response from the community outlets like RealPython, PythonWeekly etc

Jul 2020

Euro Python Talk
My talk "Django Clone From Scratch" got delivered at EuroPython

Sep 2020 published article
My article "The Zen of Python: As related by Master" got published on hackernoon.

Sep 2020 included article in #100DaysOfCode
Hooman is a library i maintain.

Nov 2020 adds article in recommended news!
The article "Python: Running Makefiles on Windows" got recommended.

Dec 2020

RealPython's Newsletter selected article in issue #453
The article "The Zen Of Python: A Most In Depth Article" got selected in PyCoders weekly. I could not find a more thourough article on the Zen written before. Hence the claim: "The most in-depth article about the Zen ever written in history"

Dec 2020

Article Makes it to the HackerNews front page
The Most Complete List of Legally Free Python Books makes it, reteeted and reshared a lot here and there

Mar 2021

Hooman gets 18k downloads
The PyGame library seems to get adopted on PyPi

Mar 2021

We helped 100+ people get into OpenSource
Counted from my Github projects!

April 2021

Github Badge Awarded for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Mission
Appended to awardees Github profile.

OpenSource Projects

Some fun, some serious


Built on top of Flask, Shopyo gives superpowers in terms of self-contained modules and supports Django commands like collecstatic and startapp.

[Pypi] [Github] [Chat] [Twitter] [Docs]

A wrapper around PyGame for clean codebases.

[Github] [Pypi] [Chat]

Lets you build static sites with Jinja, as simple or as complex as you like. It powers among others the site you are looking at as well as the FlaskCWG site which features a blog with tagging capabilities among others.

[Pypi] [Github]

A package to get weather info about Mauritius taken from the country’s weather station

[Github] [Pypi]

Download stats from pypi

[Pypi] [Github]

An IRC bot built from scratch with an awesome collection of Plugins. It even has a contributed Monopoly plugin!

[Github] [Chat]

An ecommerce project in Flask which has among others:

  • cart editing
  • multi-picture product zooming
  • checkout
  • orders
  • themes

A package to get news about Mauritius grouped by topnews as well as by category and article reading.

[Github] [Pypi]

Rich-compatible terminal charts

[Github] [Pypi]

A marketplace in Flask which has among others:

  • vendor registration
  • vendor isolation
  • cart
  • multi-picture product zooming
  • checkout
  • orders
  • themes

A one line statement language with IDE,

[Github] [Docs]

Implementing‘s lib in pure Python with absolutely no dependencies


Wallpaper changer soft with walls pulled from Reddit


Program MsPaint using python. As accurate as your canvas


An employee roster system with in-mail written in PHP


An editor for .po translations


Community Engagement

For the love of it

Python Mauritius Usergroup

Started the usergroup for Mauritius:

  • Only (maybe) usergroup having end of year reports. See 2019 and 2020
  • We had an Ai mini course by different members of the ug with certificates of participation signed by the dean of faculty
  • We organised python from scratch sessions
  • We organised a mini course on Web Scraping, covering from requests to infinite feed scraping
  • We organised online Python sessions at the Uni of Mauritius on different topics during lockdown 2020. We had web dev, ai and more.
  • We became an O’reilly media partner
  • We invited speakers from different countries for our meetups like Mridu Bhatnagar for example.
  • Our members spoke at different confs from PyCon Tanzania to EuroPython
  • We invited industry experts to present their Python insights, Dr. Heman Mohabeer for example.
  • We managed to pull in paid Python tasks for our members
  • Members managed to find more locations to organise meetups
  • Managed to maintain regularity even in the pandemic period


Wrote the original draft for FlaskCon:

  • Contacted various entities to support the conf and provide experience and help
  • Communicated with Pallets about the terms and direction of the conf
  • Asked the PSF in collaboration with Pallets to make FlaskCon a PSF-backed conference
  • Composed team
  • First edition hosted great speakers including PSF director Dustin Ingram, well known maintainers and people from the federal gov
  • Adopted a community-first approach and sacrifised sponsors to get the conf running
  • Second edition ongoing 2021

Flask Community Workgroup

Instituted it with the help of Pallets and Flask folks: FlaskCWG. It’s the logical conclusion of FlaskCon.

  • Aim to cater for the Flask community including events, abandoned plugins, workshops and translations
  • Pallets instituted Pallets-eco to cater for abandoned plugins
  • Translations started substantially for chinese, spanish and french with instituted protocols

Arabic Coordinator for The Python Docs

Stated the translations with ups and downs

  • Managed to find another coordinator before he got busy. Back to being the coordinator

Python-efl revival

Helping make EFL and Python-efl specifically more accessible. EFL is what Samsung’s Tizen uses for smartwatches etc. It’s one of the aspects which enables Bodhi Linux to fly on low specs while being an everyday OS

  • Helping out with dead Bodhi Linux’s Python-efl apps
  • Updated Jeff’s series (the only Python-elf tutos) to reflect current versions
  • Davide Andreoli agreed to put a Github mirror for Python-efl to better reach out to the community


Mailing lists summary and news. site

  • Brings to general readership Python mailing list discussions
  • Catches important but easy to miss news


Many individual enterprises end up being good for the general community. For example:

Privacy Policy

What we do

We use Google analytics, MS clarity, embed Tweets. By using this website you aree to all nasty prying eyes that it may enytail.