Since our first works have been on developing desktop softwares, we've taken a particular interest in crafting personalised apps just the way you want them. You might be an organisation using paper works or using a complex and unmaintainable system Excel system.


Over the time we've developed dashboards and management systems for intranet use and are constantly experimenting innovative solutions!


What do we do?

I am an independent software developer in Mauritius. I develop websites and desktop apps personalised for your needs helping ease your work 100%. We also develop intranet apps to monitor metrics and manage your workflows. Releasing testimonials section soon. Have a peek at the services section below

Our primary language is Python where we can and specially for Python if you have a 'big' project, we have some folks around to scale.

Besides English, we speak
  • French
  • Arabic

We have experience in remote/long-distance work.

Our Mission

Along with you ~

We have a particular soft corner for Python engineering and we are constantly building an even better foundation. Our Python partners are of a high calibre and we seek to deliver up-to-the-level products.

We also invest heavily in programming education, hoping for a brighter future

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What is there on the menu?

Python Developement

Since our language of choice is Python, we offer development services from scripts to libraries and everything in between

Web Development

Your back-end need to integrate and combine complicated schemes? You are at the right pot!

Desktop Development

Submerged by files or manual setups? A dedicated software can help you be more productive


Helping you with cloud infrastructures and realtime data

Web Scraping

You need to organise a wide hunt or just automation, we can put your scraping job on auto-pilot

Data Science & Machine Learning

Helping you with huge amounts of data and applying the proper ML algorithm including NLP

Ask us anything, send us a message! or find us on

  • LinkedIn

Fun Facts

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