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Writings selected in PyCoders Weekly, Awesome Python, Python Byte Podcast, DevOps Weekly, Gitops Weekly, SQLite news. Hackernews front page hits: 2.

01. Libsql: Diving Into A Database Engineering Epic
02. A Turing Machine Expressed As A State Machine
03. Merge Sort And It's Early History
04. Kubernetes Internals: Inside The Mind Of A Monster
05. Step By Step Parsing Of Mathematical Expressions From Scratch
06. The World Of Helm
07. Python Engineering Articles
08. The Zen Of Python Is A Joke And Here Is Why
09. The Zen Of Python: The Most In-Depth Article Ever Written
10. Using Python Functions As Classes
11. Python Generators: The In-Depth Article You Always Wanted
12. The Most Complete List Of Legally Free Python Books On The Internet
13. Python: Running Makefile On Windows Using Git Mingw Bash
14. How To Change Your Github Contribution Graph Colour To Something Cool
15. Creating Custom Widgets In Pyqt5
16. Migrate Pyqt5 App To Pyside2
17. Using Anaconda On Sublime Text (Without Installing Any Package)
18. Requests: What You Need To Build Useful Apps
19. A Treatment Of Deque In Python
20. Flask 1 - Planning
21. Flask 2 - Start With A Loaded Skeleton
22. Flask 3 - Routes
23. Flask 4 - Focus On Responses
24. Flask 5 - A Dip Into Templates Logic
25. Metabob, A Github Tool For Your Python Repos
26. How To Run A Flask Linux-Only App On Windows
27. Building A Color Picker In Pygame Using Hooman
28. How To Build A Css Pre-Processor (Like Sass) From Scratch
29. An Advanced Flask App: Shopyo
30. Packaging An Sqlite Db-Included Crud Pyqt5 App Using Pyinstaller
31. Get Python’S Help() Function Stored As String Just Like Console
32. Plotting Hotspots In Mauritius With Python And Folium
33. Machine Learning Crash Course 1: Introduction
34. Machine Learning Crash Course 2: Supervised Learning
35. Machine Learning Crash Course 3: Regression
36. Machine Learning Crash Course 4: Gradient Descent And Cost Function
37. Machine Learning Crash Course 5: Mixed Method
38. Machine Learning Crash Course 6: Enthropy And Gain
39. Machine Learning Crash Course 7: Random Forests
40. Machine Learning Crash Course 8: Support Vector Machines
41. Machine Learning Crash Course 9: Neural Networks
42. Machine Learning Crash Course 10: Naive Bayes
43. Machine Learning Crash Course 11: Unsupervised Learning
44. Machine Learning Crash Course 12: Association Analysis
45. Reviving Bertrand Russell Through Python
46. How To Build A Lexer In Python
47. How To Build An Indentation Lexer In Python
48. How To Correctly Use The Next Parameter In Login And Logout In Flask
49. How To Use Flask-Admin With Flask-Login
50. How To Disable Csrf Protection For Particular Routes In Flask-Wtf
51. How To Define Global Template Variables In Flask
52. How To Prevent The Open Redirect Vulnerability With The Next Parameter In Flask
53. How To Implement Beautiful Notifications In Flask