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I don't trust Mycrowsoft with OpenSource 043. Likes are not a usefulness metric 042. Every post on LinkedIn is not for you 041. Part of stupidity is to follow every piece of valid information 040. The material is grounded in tactile reality and open to magic 039. Hire to fire 038. I like Python because of maths puns 037. Pouring $10B in chatGPT is a losing game 036. I am an official Rustlang contributor? 035. I don't trust codingame 034. Don't make your APIs simple 033. Clever hans is THE example with Ai 032. The maze is in the mouse 031. F* it, ship it 030. Are big companies involvement in OpenSource a scam? 029. Communities partnering up with big companies 028. Do we need standup meetings? 027. Hiring rounds or hiring the right person? 026. Python at SpaceX 025. Receiving Github's NASA badge for Python contributions 024. LinkedIn in one word: Junk 023. We helped 100+ people get into OpenSource 022. English: A Highly Illogical Language - Part 4 021. 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