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Ai rocks the product landscape

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

After analyzing 75k votes, Product Hunt announced the very best products of 2023. One conspicuous landmark was, unsurprisingly … Ai. This offers compelling evidence that the world is just mad about it.

This year even had dedicated Ai categories:

which is wild. But, even in other categories, we see many Ai products topping the leaderboard. Ai is doing awesome, useful work despite the routine jailbreaks we hear daily.

ChatGPT is the cornerstone of the 2023 revolution. As we scroll, we see more products relying on chatGPT to deliver features. It also projects a product vision that with Ai, we can. With Ai, we just do it. With Ai, the crafted product is insanely good and aligned with expectations.

LLMs are not 100% reliable but I guess that the end-result counts, a lot!

Golden Kitty Awards: