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Am I The Only One Who Feels Like An Idiot (Reddit)?

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

ruslang is one of the hardest languages around as it simply has lots of concepts to cover. I learnt C++ as my first typed language and i feel that rust complicates the plot with lots of it’s own additions. C++ feels like the Python of typed langs.

Instead of manually managing memory, many languages rely on a garbage collector. Rust allows you to do automatic memory management by inventing a story about ownership. It also occasionally contrives some traits and lifetime issues for you. Even seasoned developers are poked around.

Meanwhile rustfluencers have been pumping the language as if it’s the best hit since bread and butter. The reality is that it’s a language with a lemon taste. People who tasted it attempt to lure others to the same trap and pretend that you must be mad for having a continuous unsavory aftertaste. Users also fear of being called dumb for having difficulties with Rust.

Back-end wise it’s brilliantly designed. But the usage experience is quite horrible given the precedence in language design we have now. Syntax-wise it adopted nice features, even promotes nice conventions, but, the overall end-user experience is just bad due to the concepts it invented. Rust just needs to write a better story.