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Becoming an Airflow contributor by accident

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

I became an airflow contributor quite by accident. I was seeing the docs on how to start contributing when i saw step 2: install Docker.

Since this is a python / flask project, requiring Docker might make the contribution flow a bit tedious. When you analyse all docs, it’s clear that Docker is optional but, this part made it like it was compulsory. With the help of merger Jarek Potiuk i summarised the whole story, so that people know they can also go the local virtual env way.

Since then i did some improvements here and there, converting md links to rst, fixing not loading image etc. The contributors like Ash Berlin-Taylor are very helpful. The credits go to Marc Lamberti for the renewed interest in Airflow after December’s presentation at our PYMUG (Python Mauritius User-Group)’s December meetup.

Looking at other PRs, the maintainers are very responsive and there is huge work ongoing.