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Beggers cannot be choosers: Corporates and language choice

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Once an engineer working at one of the FAANG companies said that people who did not go to university preferred to work in one language compared to those who did not. Well it’s not exactly like that.

Tech specialisation comes by need and joy. For learning purposes, knowing a vast range of tech is great. Peter Norvig recommends learning at least 12 langs to begin with, totally justified. But, at work it’s different. There are many companies who built their products using one language, their engineers use one main language. This does not mean they make poor engineers. Also, being proficient in one tech is something not to be despised as you need to have a high standard in what you are doing.

If you work for yourself, you get to choose your tech stack, why choose something just for the sake of change? Myself, i’m always talking about , so much so that people do believe firmly that i don’t know anything else. This sounds fake but many people do believe in it. People who are recognised for being pro- are not necessarily ignorant of , they might be Linux engineers.

But there is a main tech that people like, unless corporate malleability took away your ability to appreciate what is not dictated by your paycheck.

There is the notion that fundamentals are only what matters, tech not. In fact both matter.