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Education and humanity

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

It’s a jaw-dropping fact to note that despite a humanistic-dominating worldview across countries, the educational system has exhibited a remarkable degree of impermeability in teaching good human character.

Some nice-to-have human principles are appreciated universally. When children respect parents for example. Or being helpful, maintaining good relationships, feeding the poor, being honest, sticking to agreements, not cheating in business, acting the best with family members, being truthful, caring for the orphans, and joining together to accomplish the same. Nowadays, even the very basics are in need of dissemination due to erosion and re-questioning.

It is not sufficient to delegate the responsibility to intuition to arrive at these qualities. Man forgets often and needs to be reminded. Enough reminders are an encouragement to shift the balance, forging parts of the personality. This formation should be shared by everybody. Parents at home, friends we hang out with, colleagues we work with, and strangers on the street.

Society currently relies on randomness to produce good citizens. After passing through the educational system, people took from the good like a leaking basket, feeding themselves a miser’s meal. Then people complain when rulers are corrupt, the administration is inefficient, partners cheat more than enough even in open relationships, traders sting and we are apathetic to hunger.

People are ready to blame a decaying society, including health on everything except what they sowed with their hands. Schools are your regional tavern, gambling house, drug den, whore house, and chamber of horrors all in one. People in my country should verify these statements one by one. Setting foot in even one of these places is sufficient to be doomed. This means that a child is surrounded by drunkards, gamblers, drug addicts, whores, and psychological abusers. To come even clean is a miracle.

We follow people we take as friends. Bad companionship is like hanging out with a blacksmith. Even if sparks don’t burn your clothes, you and your clothes will drink smoke and stink.

It’s the individual responsibility of everybody to share good advice. If humans are good, society will be a nice place to live and people will look forward to living. Else people will envy the inhabitants of graves if only they were friends with them instead of living with arc-demons in a hellish reality.