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Educational excellence for teens

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

“A mediocre performance I fear, is the just retribution for a mediocre system” Just like we don’t waste time with foolish people, similarly, if a system is foolish and takes us as fools, we don’t invest our resources with it. If we are legally bound to do so, we invest an average amount of resources. Kicking academic excellence out of the door for teens might be, sadly, a good bet for kids’ future.

There is a difference between man’s child and that of animals. A man’s child is not ready to hit the road straight out of birth. Its functional abilities reach a stable level years later. During this time and after, care should be devoted to upbringing. They should be inculcated with great values, awareness of their environment, and social skills.

The current educational system has set education as a teen’s life goal. Its curriculum is filled with everything but what relates to man’s upbringing. Parents should bring up the child I hear you say, but, the system takes up so much time that no time is left for upbringing. And it sucks so much energy that a child is drained when reaching home. And this sick routine as early as 3 years of age, holidays included.

Is the curriculum geared toward financial success? No, it does not teach about economics as a foundational topic or managing money or wealth creation or studying how people hit millions and billions. It seems tailor-made for people to be employees. And people think that it’s good to excel in a system that is preparing you to work hard for someone’s else economic success.

People leave the educational system as uneducated animals. They know how the environment works, and what exists in the world, but they are uneducated as to how they should act in society. Education also includes practice. If in pursuing ‘education’ you never respected elders, then you were never educated in terms of respect.

To excel in a system, you need to devote focus, time, and energy. You invested so much in a system that leaves you deprived of good moral grounding and excellent human character. You take care to prepare for exams as you know great results don’t materialize out of thin air, but, you rely on society’s hazy hangover to become a wholesome human.

As the educational system completely does not care about man and his standard of life, it’s the responsibility of parents to ensure that family ties are maintained, that cooperation exists in a society, that a child returns good for the bad, is altruistic, and knows about good and evil. To do that, if we have to invest less in an educational system, it’s worth it.

If we don’t invest in man to become good, material investment will turn out to be wasteful or harmful. People in control of powerful technologies will be selfish and people, while abandoning their upbringing for ‘education’, turn rogues, will demolish the very advanced infrastructure everyone has been working to further.

Good, wholesome and competent people bring out good, wholesome and competent systems.