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English: A Highly Illogical Language - Part 2

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Take the example of the word English itself. It gives an avant-goût. It should have been written as Englesh. S has the sound it has with so, see and sat. H has the sound as in hot, hill and horse. But s + h has the sound of a missing consonant. The English learner has to deduce that, of course.

I has the sound as in life, lie and line. But it’s a shortcut for a as in astonish and y as in your and yell. eye != i. i == ay. Fry is right in terms of the y. So, life becomes layf, lie becomes lay, and line becomes layn.

Turning to o, you has a sound and your has a completely different sound. English lacks the ou sound in you. u is actually y + . You should have been u and your should have been yor.

You learn English by experience and exposure. Since i don’t know latin, i dearly hope it’s a malformed latin simplification rather than a by design language. Unless of course you want the first introduction to literacy of a people be based on shaken grounds.