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English: A Highly Illogical Language - Part 4

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

English does not have the concept of long vowels but does make use of it. Ways is pronounced as waays, not like the abrupt and short as written “ways”. It is better written as wééz though. It looks simple, not like other languages but you pay in terms of learning at the end.

An important aspect English speaking folks don’t realise is that many times the consonant and the vowel are mixed together. B and be are pronounced similar. But as we have bore, bad etc it’s clear that b has a sound not same as be. But if it’s insisted that they do have the same sound, expect to be comfortable by bcause and to b scheduled.

Let’s see ck. Hack, lack, back. Are Englishmen afraid of writing hakk, bakk and lakk? We must really ask how actually c is pronounced. In create it is used as k and in cease as s. It is s or k. Rub it out of your language if it’s redundant. Easier i guess than rubbing out empires.

It is a surprising sight for real Doctors of Philosophy arguing and chiseling the edifice of the informatics age while expressing themselves in incoherent ways. They see but have been made blind. They write day after day volumes, reaffirming with each letter the ability to accept contradictions.