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Google officially joins the stodgy club

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Google officially joins the stodgy club. With the wipe-out of the engineering vision at the top, it struggles to find a purpose. Google has been fully embracing the corporate spirit. Amid cuts, immoral profits, and decimations certified to be senseless by engineering’s top brasses, Google has been quacking like corporate proper for some time now. Perks flashing on social media no longer works to attract people.

Even employees themselves are no longer deluded, Google is simply free-falling. Not knowing what to do, Google leadership is now simply pushing levers up and down. With harsh, inconsiderate layoffs, it is expected that the creativity and innovation of employees will go down.

Google is no stranger to the AI game. There was a time when Jeff Dean was buying any AI/Neural book he could find and replaced quite a few services with AI. But, the rise of generative AI proved to be a hard blow to Google’s business model. The technological shift was of such a magnitude that Google struggled despite its engineering force.

Google is displaying the signs of a lean corporate — one where the company’s value is sought in business practices rather than a strong engineering culture. If a company’s value lies in engineering, trying to pump its value through cuts and buybacks will eventually show, harshly. Google it seems, is out of phase with its own spirit. Googlers now feel like they are living in a stranger’s home, a stranger, in addition, ready to kick them out all of a sudden.

Working for Google used to be ‘sexy and exciting,’ with a strong sense of security. Now, not so much. -

Google’s nose dive further accentuates -