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Hiring rounds or hiring the right person?

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Jake Dunlap shared that he found the number of interview rounds of 1-3 shockingly low (It should be 8 maybe?) I know companies in Mauritius having 6, i get it, they want the best and they do get the best. I have had the opportunity to work on projects surrounded by internationally recognised folks and i can say that the corporate vision of work is overrated. Sharp people take aim ping the right people and it’s game on! Corporations hire people to look for talents many times which might be a sign that they should work more intelligently by gathering more intelligence. It’s all about the setup you have and the goal you want to achieve. The team is a variable. We live through such a time that even after tough rounds recruiters are not satisfied that they hired the right person. I am talking at the FAANG scale.

I think i am the most ‘normal’ person here on LinkedIn, my profile does not have anything that you’d consider breath-taking according to the LinkedIn mindset. Yet i sometimes see incomplete statements like saying that the tea is not sweet just after eating some sweeter sweets but forgetting this fact. The recruiting process has many variables, very loose ones. People forming opinions do so on the premise of their own experiences and don’t consider alternative arrangements. If you are sure you have the right person, would you interview him? No. If every time you take on people while being blindfolded and expecting the rounds to eliminate unwanted hires, well it works but can it not be more optimised?

In sum i have the impression that companies need to adjust few variables in their running and setup. This makes hiring way more easier not because of the hiring process itself. Most people think that over-engineering the hiring process to death is the answer to smart hiring. Recruiting folks don’t see beyond the job board. And it’s a great reflection on how people view life as a whole.