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I don't trust Mycrowsoft with OpenSource

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

I don’t trust the crow (My Crow Soft if you are wondering) to care about the community or OpenSource.

The crow is a for-profit company with a shameless for-profit attitude. Since developers like OpenSource, Microsoft does have open source initiatives but only as long and where it serves it’s interest.

Guido going to work for the crow is just a way for Microsoft to lock in users to use their products. Perfecting the Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a big feat. It is a protocol used to decouple a tool (IDE in this case) and the service providing language analysis perks. If your tool has the best support in terms of auto-complete and suggestions, people would prefer it to another tool.

The crow successfully managed to fish another core developer from before: Brett Cannon.

PyLance if my memory is right, started as an OpenSource project. Now Github’s microsoft/pylance redirects to a repository erased of it’s code. Use OS labour then kind of throw it in the bin for the general public.

The crow’s model is an incredible lesson in monetization. But it performs poorly in trying to be a model of goodness and mercy for the soft world.

” Crows are often seen as single birds flying low over fields … looking out for their next meal.”

Thanks Soumen Sarkar for this post!

Edit: It was PyRight which they archived