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I generally don't care about Mauritian companies

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Priyeshan Sreeneebus, game dev at Streamline Studios tells of his past work experiences: “J’ai dû quitter à cause des conditions de travail qui ne me plaisaient pas”

If it were mauritian companies, i am not surprised at all. It needs opportunities like that to make people realise what they missed. Excellent devs are prized.

I no longer care about mauritian companies, unfortunately. They think they are big, doing big things but are very backwards and out of phase with technology trends. It should not have been a problem even then but their culture is not very nice and are work-focused instead of result-focused.

Currently not much companies contribute to OpenSource*. This is a dooming fact by itself. And they’ll tell you this and that and this, but in the IT world, good company metrics are quite transparent. You can talk, bribe devs with facilities, but, at the end, good folks also want a company which has impact at world level.

I applied only 1 or 2 times to mauritian companies to test the genuineness of their Python claims but no return as expected. Another one sent a Python interview which is rediculous in the Python world. I troll mauritian companies by sending OpenSource contributions in my CV when asked. They ask for CVs just for the fun, the fun they get.

If the HR cannot evaluate a CV, how do you trust the person to hire the right candidate? Surprisingly, interested people know how to find me. I care more for the developer community here. Mauritius indeed has more than bright individuals but i just hope that companies in here don’t pump away their genius through the drain of a company culture that no longer serves it’s purpose. They talk of agile but agile is not an instant solution for corporate mindset shift. You are only stirring already muddied water.