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If You Are Considering A Change in Career

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

If you are considering a change in career for whatever reason, the coding industry might be the answer. Your current job might be fulfilling, you might travel around the world at your heart’s content, your pay might be more than comfortable, but, the coding industry might still be more charming.

Maybe you are thinking of economic investment. Reinvesting 4 years of tertiary education might not be too attractive. But you can get through for free. A career in coding is mystical, strange. The only requirements are three:

Yes, you can learn alongside your day job. I’ve stopped counting the number of waiters and delivery guys who made a jump for the better. Prepare your leap and you land in a completely different land, it is as though you took a shortcut that conventional path won’t allow.

You have to see what you are fascinated with. Have websites always amazed you? or is it mobile apps or desktop softwares? You feel, you go.

Next thing is to find a path, you don’t want to repeat learning things. You don’t want to learn without applying your knowledge. Choose the best tutorials. Consult with someone experienced, ask them to draft a path for you.