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Killedbygoogle: A signature move

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

killedbygoogle is such a signature move that even Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian, got jarred trying to announce Gemini for Workspace on Twitter.

Thomas Kurian: “We’re introducing a new offering called Gemini Business, which lets organizations use generative AI in Workspace at a lower price point than Gemini Enterprise, which replaces Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise.”

Sacha Sayan: “Hey Thomas, can I pay for it with Google Pay in Google Wallet, which replaced Google Pay, which replaced Android Pay, formerly known as Google Wallet?”

Sacha Sayan: “If not we can jump on a call and discuss billing. I’ll send you an invite on Google Meet, the enterprise Google Chat, previously Duo, which replaced Allo, the replacement for Hangouts, the rebrand of +Hangouts, which replaced Talk and Voice.”

Michael Parker: “Just to clarify do you mean you’ll send an invite on Google Meet, or Google Meet (original)?” (Two apps on the Play Store)

Sacha Sayan: “Great question Michael. As a Google Workspace user, formerly GSuite, otherwise known as Google Apps for Work, previously Google Apps Premier Edition, aka Gmail for Your Domain, which would you recommend?”

I get it that hashtag#Google guillotines cashless cows, but, the product department looks like a distributed system aiming for eventual consistency.

Google’s graveyard currently lists 293 items, the majority of which are services.

Hardware customers are the unfortunate ones, scratching their heads over dead devices.