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LinkedIn in one word: Junk

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

If i were to describe LinkedIn in one word it’s:


People might think it’s too harsh, but day after day the things people post does not reflect what it’s supposed to be. A network of professionals? Far from that. The motivational posts are encouraged by LinkedIn, they themselves post it. Is the world so demotivating? Are you so sad on your job? Is your choice in life so gloomy? That’s the best of LinkedIn by the way.

If you have useless videos in your feed then you have not so nice contacts i get it. But few are posts that you benefit from. I am not talking by content. I am talking by type.

Except that most of the people are on this platform and you can contact them, i really don’t see why have a LinkedIn account at all. It’s a great way for spam to land in your inbox for sure, for people to nag you to like their pages and … stalkers who view your profile and fly away.

I’ve benefited more from my posts when people ping me back or interact with them than me benefiting from other people’s posts content. If you do good, you do it for yourself it seems.