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Linkedin is just another social media

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

i have the impression that linked-in is just another social media. the difference is that people wear suits and look for jobs. this is used to hide the fact that they still share cats videos, viral gadgets, wishes, links, comment, like, retweet❌ reshare posts, congratulate each other, write on their wall❌ give recommendations and update their status.

of course having a doctorate assumes that you are actually certified to do those.

don’t forget that installing the app guarantees you a genuine whatsapp notification experience. you have also a linked-in lite app, so that users of skype-lite and messenger-lite feel at home.

the story does not stop there. since annoying pms come from tie-wearing individuals, they are called ‘offensive recruiters’ and persons seeking ‘mutual benefits’.

you have your friends❌ connections, you can scroll your feed. you see their activities, they see yours. but of course it’s more the academic type, so marketers propose the article post-like feature. you also fill in your fb info of where you went to school and work, just it’s really in depth. the same thing you’d complain hashtag#sweat on fb but here you complete it all even if you must take 3 days. though i agree you deserve that badge for the hard work.

it’s his birthday, congratulate him. he just planted his first rose, wave at him. he made 3 years at companyY, please keep our site alive by telling him at least a word.

wait … don’t load your page that fast, let our ads load first. and here is your cloak, don’t forget to wear it so that users must pay to see who viewed them. hide and seek for adults.

welcome to linked-in.