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Mauritius: The Place To Grow & Water Workers

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Tech workers are workers. Tech companies are factories. Workers training and skilling up is education. Businesses seek quality labour at affordable price. The crumbling Mauritian Rupee makes an excellent choice, coupled with multilingual abilities and cultural richness of it’s inhabitants. Add to it passport strength. Foreign powers setting up learning centers including universities in Mauritius seem to be doing a nice move. The comparative great stability of the country in Africa further strengthens it’s attraction.

There are also some questions. Is Mauritius in Africa? Who put Mauritius in here? Is the economic and social realities comparable to Africa proper? . If you launch something in Mauritius, targeting the African market, do you believe your experiment results to be valid or is it for namesake? Some don’t care as they only need to set foot on ‘Africa’

The Education industry seems to abstract the industry part. It is by industry, for industry.