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Modern Python Cookbook review

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Packt sent me a reviewing copy of Modern Python Cookbook by Steven Lott. This is a wonderful training material which can be used to get a solid foundation in Python after knowing the basics. I’m pretty impressed.

The book adopts a nice approach. It raises questions and solves them with generous explanations. It includes commonly-encountered scenarios and makes use of the standard library. It also includes packages when necessary like Flask and pytest. It’s the perfect book for teams who want to use Python immediately while getting well-grounded information.

Since this is Python3.8, the typing information is not to be taken too seriously and some newer features like structural pattern matching are not included.

It’s more than a cookbook. It cements concepts and provides industry-level guidance. Packt quality has really improved, both content-wise and format-wise. Code snippets are highlighted, which is amazing.

It’s a delight to follow along 👍