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My first course on Enterprise Python

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Preparing my first course on Enterprise Python for, fortunately, a Mauritian company. When choosing Python as one main tech, knowing Python engineering or how the industry currently operates Python projects is a great boost to efficiency, automatically takes away pains, and increases team collaboration, making switching teams seamless.

My first exposition to the Enterprise Python concept was through a beloved friend Mahmoud Hashemi, Ex-paypal lead. It was deeply profound, with counter-intuitive practices. For this company, I am topping with my own experience, both industry and OpenSource.

Python is easy to pick up, but, as with all tech, some superpowers enable us to surf development deadlines and enrich the programming pleasure index. Python has a gazillion ways of doing things in terms of packaging for example. Good Python engineers are aware of the whole landscape, keep up with recent enhancements, and most importantly ensure spotless clean usage.

There are also hidden gems to be aware of, PEPs that got accepted but not enhanced for a long time. There are packages that build up on those PEPs, providing awesome, stable solutions tried in big tech.

Enterprise Python is beyond programming practices. It’s about being pro shipping and maintaining great Python projects, smashing tech stack dead ends and finely sculpting unheard-of, robust solutions.

Doing that for a Mauritian company is extraordinary. But, the Python ecosystem seems to be growing in here based on merit. If Python is rocking the programming craft to and fro, it’s conceivable that the shockwave will hit our shores sooner or later.