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Part of stupidity is to follow every piece of valid information

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Part of stupidity is to follow every piece of valid information.

Not having the wisdom to weigh each element in its proper place can lead to disastrous consequences.

A good many causes of frustration are having wrong expectations based on wrong assumptions. If someone takes a person as a role model but the context cannot be applied, then the person has a high chance of falling into depression.

If a person always saw people doing x job having successful careers and spends years trying to obtain that post but finds reality in his country different, he might be depressed. It’s might be true that the global median salary is in such and such ranges, but it might not apply in every case of x job.

PEP8 might recommend this and that style. X, Y, and Z big projects might be respecting the convention but it does not mean it should be applied in all codebases. The style guide is considerate enough to devote a section to this point that most people never read.

It might look foolish that people fall for decisions based on one, two, three, or ten valid points, but it routinely happens.

The purpose of the information is well, to inform. How to take decisions should also be learned.