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Praise for Patterns of Distributed Computing

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

What makes this resource excellent is that it presents up-to-date distributed patterns inspired by opensource. It’s not some dusty, old, theoretical, academia-favourited accounts of concepts. It references actual implementations and newer techniques found in the wild, with the accompanying context i.e. the projects that implement it with the accompanying nuances.

It’s intensive, refreshing, and very insightful for system design. I don’t expect system design surprises by now, but I like to build things and understand how they work. From that perspective, this book is an awesome resource.

Thanks, Unmesh Joshi for taking the pain to collect those gems. And thanks Demitri Swan for sharing. Demitri consistently takes the time to post interesting computing items and offers personal mentorship in batches from time to time. Worth a follow IMO.

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