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PyCon US diary - Planning a US trip

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

So, that’s my first time getting an invite for a conf. Thanks, Python Software Foundation for thinking about the community and Chukwudi Nwachukwu from the Python Grants Team! Penning down my experiences to help people.

When I first received the email, I was still thinking. This year I had the idea of going to PyCon US as David Lord proposed FlaskCon at the hatchery program. FlaskCon was going to have its first physical presence. On the other hand, going to the US is well, very far and very, very tiring. Pittsburg is further inland. And plane travel is super tiring. Once you fly, twice you fly and then you are like is that the fastest the place can go … . Considering the year and the opportunity I said yes, it’s worth it to attend.

Except that I was super clueless about visas etc. Pinged Loïc Forget as he likes to travel to Austin. Gave me a few tips. And then I saw that Visas are applied online. Cool, except that hum, looks like a website straight from the 90s with contentful info.

Spent some days checking what’s about the visa, criteria and the Rs8500 needed XD. Tried a mock application and then let the application sleep (you are given an application number by which you can save and return to your in-progress application), still figuring out how to deal with airfare - visa, and in what order should i proceed. We decided to have a meeting and had a brief about what we understood about the visa. We decided to complete the visa process as soon as possible. I remember some 21 days written for processing. Since the conference is in May, makes sense to speed things up.

To be continued …