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Raising vipers

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

When parents prepare food for their children in the morning before going to school, they are in fact raising vicious vipers that will bleed their hearts many times in the future. When parents click pause on all life activities and dedicate their children solely to the altar of the current educational system, they are breeding compassless, apathetic, stress-drowned, morally derelict, and dangerously feral creatures that bite the hands of their feeders first and foremost.

We identify trees by their fruits. The current educational system produces what kind of human beings exactly? Students act like properly untamed and uncouth individuals. They display a complete lack of manners in class, trying their utmost to render the life of educators hell. They engage in hair-raising behaviors outside of classrooms. They do exactly what they want. If ever teachers or anyone try to stop them, their windshields get shattered or recently, they just get beaten by a mob outside school. These are routine occurrences. Everybody just leaves them to the sacred job of rotting their lives further.

The current system takes it upon itself to break the bond between parents and children. From an early age, children are made to attend time-filling sessions filled with gibberish rather than stay with their parents. Parents entrust their children to be reared by the population’s children, which gets progressively atrocious. Back home they have to deal with children raised by others. It’s heart-burning to see children, as a direct consequence of going to school, treating parents like dirt.

The whole track is designed for these ungrateful goblins to be financially dependent on their parents for years on end. Tolerating and absorbing their constant deep clawing, parents hope that one day they will realize and reflect on their behavior once they get a job. They also hope that they just won’t forget them, especially if they took loans to fund university. But, how many morally-deprived children do we hear just disappear abroad after studies?

People were dependent on society’s good morality to reflect on the system. But, with the nuking of the concept of morality globally, coupled with the babysitting of kids by the internet, no parenting safety net exists. You have to be good at parenting against a system that tries hard to rot your children. It’s like dipping clothes forcefully in the mud then trying to wash them and so on for one whole year.

Parents who have been through the system unbelievably forget about its darkness. Like birds breaking free, the newly found freedom makes them forget their time in cages. They send their children to school once again, stupidly hoping that the coolness of their eyes will turn out to be all right without any upbringing.

Needless to say, seeing the thankless, repulsive, demoniac attitude of children, people don’t want to have kids. This in turn leads to bodies begging people to rejuvenate a constantly aging population.