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Receiving Github's NASA badge for Python contributions

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Today Github awarded a badge to everybody who contributed to NASA’s Mars Helicopter. Including the mauritian fellow in the pic below

Today, nearly 12,000 developers will see a new badge on their GitHub profile celebrating their contributions to the specific versions of projects and libraries used by NASA to fly the Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars.

and there’s a high dose of Python in that NASA thing. Dear mauritian folks who still think Python as a waste of time, weak, slow and of no value (those people still exist in plenty), it’s might be the time to wake up! These people go like this:

“Python is slow, incapable etc” “But Python is used all over the world to do important stuffs” “Yes but you have this and that, use this and that. Python is slow. I don’t use it”