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Saas ideas are easier to find

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

When looking for SaaS ideas it might be simpler than we think. I found an interesting perspective from the story of Shoji Morimoto, who rents himself out for cleaning services, no I’m kidding, he rents himself out for doing absolutely nothing!

Can we develop a SaaS that does nothing? I think so. If for example we develop an app to emulate accounting software so that people can pretend to be working hard.

I’m pretty sure that any boring service that already exists can be profitable. It’s hard to find new ideas all the time as it’s hard to be original among billions of people. It can be argued that doing nothing is an original idea that’s why he is successful. But ideas can be and are always copied. So, a nice product vision and continued development of trite ideas can be profitable.

Starting out I think is the best advice. Accompanied by a proposal that works. Then even if the service is very common, people will drop by.

Story shared by Trung Phan on Twitter.