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Tech bro's opacity & marriage

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

The tech bro’s appearance at community meetups is inversely proportional to the time passed after marriage, at least in Mauritius. This begs the question: why do you attend meetups?

The Mauritian answer it seems, is that I have too much free time on my hands: let’s try attending a meetup. Your career goals are the same 1s before marriage and 1s after marriage. Why do you just disappear?

If you think of community meetups as incredible investments,

  1. You will attend
  2. You will push for the sessions to be contentful


  1. You will nearly not attend
  2. You will prefer flashy events over technical content

Not having enough time is relative to the importance you attach to something. If something is really important, you’d be prepared to even shift your life paradigm. If after having kids you don’t have time, then I think that your poor time-management skills are finally showing cracks.

Work is work, you’d say. I am getting my paycheck, that’s fine. Yes, that’s fine. But, why do you pursue a Masters after a BA? To land better opportunities. Same thing with community meetups. You gear up your skills. You meet people. hashtag#OpenSource-wise, core developers-led sprints are an incredible opportunity to stack up expertise in your field of choice.