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Tesla - red love blinds

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Tesla is one tech topic that has unconditional support. No matter how hard you point out some defects in it, people just love red cars. When I first began sharing my Tesla observations, people have been telling me that the info must be coming from Elon Musk haters.

They might be right, as Tesla has been experiencing resentment after the hostile and rough takeover of Twitter. But, there are some simple truths that are hard to miss. Like pointing out the fact that Tesla experiences routine problems that have been solved by carmakers for decades now. Like the front wheel falling off, this and that common part not working as intended, etc. A dear friend shared with me that the Tesla he drove had water leaking from the roof when driving in the rain which left his documents wet. I mean, this is a solved problem. I am not encouraged to buy the bleeding edge of cars for my patience to be massacred by routine, casual, ordinary, dumb issues.

Even people who encountered some Tesla issues are quick to defend Musk’s cow. Maybe this issue that one other person reported was not exactly like that. Maybe this did not happen or it happened this other way.

How did we get to this point? Maybe because they popularised novel features the right way? Maybe a lot of engineering went into it? Maybe the feeling is great when driving? Maybe. There are lots of reasons to love Tesla, but, when it’s flawed, it’s flawed.

Love is blind. Red love blinds.