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The current education system is an insult to intelligence

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

The current education system is a thorough insult to intelligence. It’s an imposed filler-episode service for your life, from 3 - 18 years. It’s a fundamentally broken system that feeds you the worst aspects of teen life for free. In stark opposition to human nature, it stifles creativity and coerces you into a factory life routine. It’s a grossly inefficient system, that is falling apart, failing its moral duties, and filled with bureaucracy. By shackling educators to copy-paste policies from abroad, the sincere ones among them now silently, every day, mourn the last days of a zombie.

Yesterday we celebrated the top achievers of a dysfunctional system. What does it mean when you excel in a broken system? It means that you conform to it and will champion it. The more effort you put into a system, the dearer it is to your heart. Some people speculate as to the secret laureate formula. Knowing teachers of laureates, it is surprisingly not a matter of superior intelligence, just like rocket scientists and brain surgeons [1]. It is rather a change in study methodology. Even very average students, with poor grades, became laureates with a change of study regime.

The general school life is one where family ties are blasted to bits and moral education is left to the wind. It’s one where a social animal is reduced to a trained robot, tied to a legal leash. It’s one where time is a luxury and paradise is promised after work. With tuition, students are tortured mentally, physically, financially, and, ironically, cognitively.

People sacrifice life skills for A-level success. A success that stops at the university door. Then it’s completely out of your life. You won’t see it twice. Whereas life skills serve sincerely until death. If ever in developing life skills, you have to sacrifice academic excellence, it’s completely worth it. A mediocre performance I fear, is the just retribution for a mediocre system. It does not behold the status of the mind to conceive that people have been learning English since 3 years of age, for 16 years more and not being able to hold basic conversations. Or to carry on with basic English mistakes. When people don’t invest in themselves, it comes to haunt and bite later at infrastructure and societal levels.

A top illusion is the fact that by working hard you’ll get a nice certificate. By this you’ll enter Ivy League universities. With the university degree you will land a job in the top 5% pay percentile. Then you’ll have a nice house and a seaside villa, a university-hooked sweetheart and a hot mistress and you’ll send your kids to the best private school in town in one of your 3 Ferraris. During your 14 days vacations per year, you’ll go surfing in Hawaii and have a blast like there’s no tomorrow. Wake up mate. Wealth, power and influence is another game. And it’s not like if you nipped yourself in the bud personally, you’ll have the faculty to discern.