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The sense of capitalization of letters in OpenSource

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

While continuing my contributions to The Apache Software Foundation’s airflow, i learn something amazing about capitalisation in the software world from Kamil Breguła.

Example: if SQLAlchemy is used in the sense of a product, it becomes SQLAlchemy. If it is used in the sense of a tool or lib it becomes sqlalchemy. There are many quirks and edge cases but that’s the base case.

Xiaodong DENG raised the issue of Python or python. He maintained it was Python. Kaxil Naik helped pin down the issue by providing official examples. It is and remains Python in all cases XD.

Thanks Jarek Potiuk for the usual help. He’s like the wish fairy of the project appearing to give helpful hints every time. Much like the in-game character which gives you a guided tour every time.

It’s rare to find a community-cool project as airflow. Hope it stays the same!