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We helped 100+ people get into OpenSource

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

After a comment by Shamsuddin Rehmani, i decided to count how many people people we helped across all my projects on Github get into OpenSource (new to contributing on Github). It amounts to over 100 people 🎉

We opened meaningful issues, not issues specially for people to get into OS. When we had small issues, we left some for people to take. Thus many times people were encouraged to contribute to the project itself. Many continued until they became core devs themselves. Though these are my projects, i’d like to thank maintainers who made this possible such as Gabriele Ron & my honeybot IRC bot contributors (These are great folks, too many to mention. Even non-maintainers like to help), Tim Thuma, Arthur Nangai, Nathan Heron - Morris and Shamsuddin Rehmani

Through these projects, myself and contributors have greatly benefitted. You name it. Jobs, assignments, contracts, this and that.

It has and is still a great ride. Unfortunately, out of these, only one or two is from Mauritius, my own country. The folks in here seem to think that it is a huge waste of time. It’s great to use but ridiculous to contribute.

It’s awesome in the sense that it is possible for normal devs to make a change!