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Why Contribute To OpenSource

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

“People who work are too busy to do OpenSource”, you will hear most of developers say as to why they cannot contribute to OpenSource. Or, “OpenSource is for people who need to distinguish themselves and prove their worth”. Or, in the line of i have a Harvard degree, i don’t need OSS contributions.

We have forgotten why contribute in the first place. To make free software better (I like FOSS over just OSS). Or, to keep up with industry expectations and practices. Those two are formidable reasons. Building something meaningful is another.

If you don’t contribute to OpenSource, i’m sure you are missing a lot of fun as a developer. OSS contribs is growth on demand, at your own pace. It’s also an expression of creativity and more, as you maintain your artifact. A painter paints then he’s done. An OSS maintaniner does follow-up on his brain child.