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Why i invest so much in Python

by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

I finally decided to write why I invest in Python so much, and it’s not because I don’t know C++.

1️⃣ From a language engineering point of view, Python is next-level. In terms of aesthetics, it resonates with us. Most languages hot off the pan are still thinking about machines instead of their target audience: Humans.

2️⃣ The simplicity and pragmatic spirit it carries is the real secret behind its success. There are more powerful languages. But adoption comes with something good enough to pick up quickly. Python welcomes people from all walks of life.

3️⃣ In each field there are dedicated languages. R for stats, PHP for the web. Python is general purpose. Due to its human-centric policy, it gets adopted here and there until it rivals tools dedicated for the field. Picking up Python translates into mastering a real swiss knife.

4️⃣ The overall expedient policy putting ease of use first blossomed into lots of cool features being copy-catted by serious and light languages alike. It is a driving force behind innovative language features.

5️⃣ Python cares for the community. The PSF takes a genuine interest in supporting events and user groups alike. I have first-hand experience of it, being an event and user group organizing member myself. Crew, finance, or promotion, the PSF is at your back!

6️⃣ The community effect is just not a chaotic upshot. Workgroups are schematized, set up, and supported. Staff is paid when necessary. It’s far beyond a simple language.

7️⃣ The C relationship has excellent surprises in store. Python’s performance significantly increases when C is at work. The dedicated Python programmer at some point also masters C.

8️⃣ Python has a great ecosystem. The many adopters of an easy-to-use language created a wealth of valuable packages. Many people don’t use Python because of the language per se but certainly because of tools inexistent in other languages.

9️⃣ We take documentation and package quality for granted. But CPython itself set an excellent culture for documentation. Migrating users are often amazed at how good maintainers care.

🔟 Having many users and a great community has people sharing their knowledge. The 3rd-party articles and books contributions are second to none! Python easily finds itself among the best-selling programming topics on book markets.