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Devs from Amazon, Pypy, CPython, bright topics and popular figures, hosted by @osdotsystem

Touches Python, freelancing, career, dev and OpenSource

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#5. Business, The Serious Side of Python

23-03-2022 | 46:34 | space

Bojan Miletic (twitter) guest

MLops consultant

Mostafa Moradian (twitter) co-host

Senior software engineer at and Grafana, specialised in load testing

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer (twitter) host

Learn about running an MLops business with Bojan Miletic!

#4. The Passion For Python

21-03-2022 | 49:02 | space

Michael Driscoll (twitter) guest

Celebrated figure in the Python community

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer (twitter) host

Michael Driscoll has been a Python fan since the days PyPI did not yet exist. He is an author, blogger and tinkerer. He runs PyDev of The Week. He needs no introduction. This episode interviews Python world’s interviewer!

#3. 14 Years Old And Teaching Typing To The World

18-03-2022 | 43:30 | space

Arian Mollick Wasi / WasiMaster (twitter) guest

Pypi cmd and Typesplainer maintainer

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer (twitter) host

A casual chat with the maintainer of the pypi commandline package and typesplainer. A dive into his journey into tech and how he tackles projects. We talk along the way of a visual code extension, mypy from the programming interface and a linter specifically for discord bots projects. We also get to hear the secret behind recipe behind awesome projects!

#2. Knowledge Transfer in OpenSource

10-03-2022 | 1:28:55 | space

Dr. Carl Friedrich Bolz-Tereick (twitter) guest

Long time Pypy core developer

Batuhan Taskaya (twitter) co-host

CPython and Pypy core developer

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer (twitter) host

This podcast features two Pypy and one CPython core devs. Projects like Pypy and CPython are complex undertakings. Even to start contributing, people are intimidated. As maintainers of such projects, the amount of knowledge accumulated over the years is just huge. This episode explores the history and evoltion of Pypy. It debunks the myth of it’s difficult to contribute to Pypy. It covers efforts undertaken to help people get initiated and progress. We also get to listen to Bahutan’s own experience of being onboarded to the Pypy project. It also contrasts the Pypy experience with the CPython one. You also get a lots of Pythonista gems along the way. A dream podcast for me!

#1. Breaking Into Tech: The Traditional Way v/s OpenSource

19-02-2022 | 1:41:34 | space

Osmar Mansoor (twitter) guest

Amazon engineering manager. Ex-Apple, Uber, Microsoft

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer (twitter) host

Osmar Mansoor has had a rich career at big tech companies. Now an Engineering Manager at Amazon, he has been at Apple, Uber and Microsoft. Me i owe my path 100 percent to OpenSource. The episode covers the normal break into tech path preparation as well as illustrates how OpenSource can be an incredible shortcut. It also covers the evolution of tech back then and now. It’s a breal break into tech podcast!